Top Tips & Musts For Healthy Hair - Padele

Top Tips & Musts For Healthy Hair - Padele

No matter the hair type or texture, we all suffer from split ends at some point in our lives, and these dry ends get in the way of our gorgeous hair goals. Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent and treat your dry, rough split ends. After doing vast research and taking suggestions from top hair stylists and experts, we have put-together game-changing tips for you to prevent dry, brittle ends and achieve healthy, smooth ends

Keep reading to discover what causes split ends and how you can revive the shine and health of your locks and prevent them from ever reaching the splitting point. 

What Causes Split Ends

Split ends are tiny forks that appear due to damage to the oldest part of our hair shaft. As hair ends are the oldest part of our hair so they need extra tender care and love because they can weaken or lose their protective layer. 

Some of the most common causes of dry, split ends are:

  • Exposure to harsh weather conditions such as extreme cold and lots of sun or sea exposure
  • Styling your hair a lot, such as straightening, curling, or blow drying
  • Chemical treatments such as dyes and bleach
  • Repeatedly wearing tight hairstyles
  • Hot water showers
  • Forceful towel drying
  • Over brushing
  • Poor diet and poor health

Tips to Prevent Split Ends and Achieve healthy hair

Split ends are a common hair complaint, but there are different ways to prevent them. Here are the pro tips for preventing split, dehydrated ends and maintaining healthy, strong ends. 

Get Regular Trims

Cutting off your dead ends is the best way to get rid of them. Don't be afraid to go for a trim just to have long hair. Routinely get your hair well-deserved trims because the longer you wait, the farther your split ends will spread up the hair shaft. Hair stylists recommend getting trims every six to eight weeks to prevent further extreme damage. However, you can also opt for at-home trim but be careful only to trim the dead and split ends.

Deeply Hydrate your Ends with Clean Hair Care 

Split hair ends come from dehydrated hair, so you should banish your dry hair to banish split ends. A great way to provide extra hydration and nourishment to your hair is by using Padele's hair conditioner on the tips after washing hair with shampoo. Conditioning your hair is one of the most effective ways to treat split ends. Padele conditioner is specifically formulated to enrich your hair by revitalizing your dry ends and enhancing the overall hair texture.

Shampoo should also be natural, with no harsh ingredients. Use Padele hydrolyzed wheat protein shampoo and Padele hair conditioner to continue healthy, moisturizing treatment and unlock your best hair. In addition, consider using a weekly hair mask to reduce dryness and add moisture to your hair.

Extend the Time Between Hair Treatments 

Chemical treatments like bleaching, perming, coloring, and keratin treatment can increase dryness, friction, and breakage, especially if you try more than one treatment at a time. Repeated chemical treatments weaken hair, leading to splitting ends.

We recommend avoiding these treatments if possible. However, if you must dye your hair, try to add time between treatments, at least 8 to 10 weeks. Additionally, ensure you give your hair a nourishing boost before and after chemical processing. Apply a soft hair mask weekly, and use a good hair conditioner each time you wash your hair.

Invest in Argan Oil Products

Wondering how to achieve soft, healthy ends? Use hair care and hair styling products containing argan oil, whether it's a hair conditioner you apply to wet hair or serum for post-styling. Argan oil is haircare liquid gold that offers weightless hydration and instant moisture to your ends. Omega fatty acids and Vitamin E found in argan oil provide deep moisture and protection to damaged or frayed hair shafts.

Luckily, there is no need to search for argan oil products. Padele conditioner is enriched with the goodness of argan oil to reduce breakage, smooth rough hair, and seal split ends. It has everything you need for healthy and hydrated hair.

Sleep on Silk Pillowcase

As far as protecting your hair during the day is necessary, it is also essential to protect hair at night to prevent split ends. Sleep on a silk pillowcase rather than cotton to protect your hair from friction and any tossing. Having less friction between your hair and pillowcase helps prevent hair damage and breakage. Also, you will wake up with ready-to-go hair and well-rested. Another way to protect your hair is to wear a silk scarf at night.

Add Protein and Greens to Your Diet and Nourish Your Hair From the Inside Out

The most important tip for achieving long, healthy, and strong hair is to eat a well-balanced diet. A healthy diet is a main part of healthy hair. Include foods rich in vitamins B & C, protein, and healthy fats in your meals to promote hair growth. If your diet lacks enough nutrients, you can also take supplements to nourish your hair from the inside out.

Best Products to Prevent Split Ends

Say goodbye to split ends by adding repairing and nourishing products to your hair care routine. Use products that contain organic ingredients, moisturizers, serums, and oils. Padele hair conditioner is specifically formulated with natural ingredients from organic farming to strengthen weakened damaged locks and promote smoothness. Our hair-softening conditioner contains moisture-rich formulas that penetrate your hair to hydrate dry ends, fortify your strands, and protect your hair against further damage.

The lightweight conditioner, enriched with argan oil, leaves dry hair irresistibly smooth, more manageable, and shiny with a healthy glow. Use Padele shampoo along with the conditioner to smooth dry ends and add volume to your hair. Don't settle for less than perfectly hydrated and luscious gorgeous hair!

Padele hair care products are COSMOS NATURAL certified by ECOCERT Greenlife!


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